Monday, July 23, 2007

Practical Applications

Occasionally, my fixation on debate, logic and reason has tangable practical applications. Below is a copy of a letter that I sent to my county commisioners.

Dear Commissioners,

The purpose of this email is to request that you reject the request to rezone the 900 block of Cole Rd to allow a 200’ tall cell tower. It is item 2007-1064 TSP-2007-009 on tomorrow’s agenda.

Earlier this year the board denied a similar request less than a quarter of a mile away on property owned by Gwinnett Soccer Association. At that time several concerns were brought up about the location. Many if not all of those concerns still exist at the new proposed location.

This area was given special use permit to be used as a soccer field under several conditions, many of which have not been followed by GSA. A few of those concerns are as follows:
They were to have no games before 9:00am on Sundays. GSA frequently has games as early as 7:00am on Sundays.
They were to build a buffer zone between the fields and the neighborhood on Chartley Dr. To date, no such buffer zone exists.
They were to build a fence that ensures no trespassing into Chartley Dr yards. The fence they built is inadequate; my neighbor routinely has players climbing into his yard to retrieve balls.

Please do not even consider any changes to the zoning until GSA is in full compliance with the conditions of the current permit.

At the previous hearing GSA and T-Mobile attempted to show that the proposed cell tower answers a safety concern because there is no cell coverage at the soccer fields for emergencies. I live on property that borders the soccer fields on the southwest. I serve as a Scoutmaster at a church that borders the fields on the southeast, and my children attend a school, Camp Creek, that borders the fields on the northeast. I have personal experience making and receiving calls from T-Mobile, Cingular and Verizon and have never had a problem getting a signal at any of these locations. Chairman Bannister’s son also has property that borders these fields. You might also check with him to get another opinion of the cell coverage in the area. Please, do not allow GSA and T-Mobile’s appeal to fear to influence your decision. It is simply not true.

Mr. Beaudreau, I thank you for your vote against this tower earlier this year. I urge you both to deny the current request for the same reasons.

Thank you in advance for you cooperation on this matter,

Michael Taylor

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