Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Day Three

Today was our first day at Colonial Williamsburg. We had a couple hour drive from our campsite in Shenandoah to Williamsburg.
The historical site is really nice. I wasn't quite sure how the kids were going to take to it. I knew that I would think it was cool but I'm a history geek. Well it turns out that the kids are just as weird as I am. I think we spent an hour at the blacksmith watching them make a rolling pin for cocoa beans. Noah wanted to know if the fire was real. I guess since out last vacation was Disney World and everything was animatronic it was a fair question.
Rachel really wanted to tour the old jailhouse. She really loved it. Not exactly what I expected from her. But then again, this is the girl that watches forensic files with her mom.
Aaron enjoyed the armory. Nothing like putting a twelve-year-old who loves history in an authentic 18th century armory loaded with muskets, swords and rifles to make his eyes light up.
At 5:00pm we watched a fife and drum corp parade from the Governor's mansion down to the Capitol. We met them about half was and marched behind them to the Capitol. I think the average age of these guys was around 14.
As I walked in time behind these young men I thought about what types of issues would have actually brought their counterparts 200+ years ago to march to the Capitol. I had no problem at all joining my pace to theirs. I then allowed myself to come back to 2007. I saddened me that in today's political climate there really was no one who I felt strongly enough about their cause to offer a similar tribute.
We'll be here a few more days. Tomorrow our plan is to rent costumes and then take a couple of the walking tours of the site. Wednesday there is a public reading of the Declaration of Independence. Then we'll celebrate the anniversary of the signing with fireworks.

I'll edit this post and add some pictures when I get back to the hotel tonight.

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