Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Day Two

First thing this morning, after a quick brekfast of chicken noodle soup over a whisperlite we loaded in the truck and headed down to tour Monticello.
The gardens were absolutely gourgeous and the house was quite different that what I expected. For this first thing, the main house was much smaller that I thought it would be. The section of county that he picked had amazing views.
Here's a picture of Rachel's hand as she compaires the house to the back of the nickel.

Note: We're actually at Colonial Williamsburg today. I'm a little bit late on our vaction reports since we haven't had internet access. I'll try to get caught up tonight when we get back tot he hotel


  1. Granny Sue10:34 AM

    I am thrilled that everyone is having such a great time. It is so special to have the "practically perfect" grandchildren develop a love of history. More good times ahead!
    Love, Granny Sue

  2. No where near the historic significance, but I felt the same about Graceland a couple of weeks ago. Not as big as I thought it would be. Large backyard though. definitely 70's decor on the inside but a rich decor.