Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Day Four

We started the morning off by going and renting period costumes for the kids. Rachel and Eve had long white cotton dresses and bonnets. Aaron and Noah had large over shirts and tri-corner hats. With the costumes came a set of instructions. There were certain people that they were supposed to find and ask to do special tasks around the town. Rachel and Eve went to a house to learn etiquette and then they had to deliver a message to the printer. Noah and Aaron were drafted into the militia and had to go learn hos to march.
We took a carriage ride before the day got too hot. The drive Dan was very friendly and basically just answered any questions that we had. Most of the questions seemed to be about his horses. It was a very enjoyable way to see the entire historic district with some good company.
I was most impressed that my kids can actually work. They went to two different gardens and hauled water from the wells and stocked the water barrels, smiling all the way.
It was a very good day and for the most part the kids were very well behaved with only one notable exception. There is this really awful sound that a cat makes when its cornered. It's kind of a cross between a growl and a hiss. Well about 5 times today when the re-enactors have asked if we had any questions Noah responded by asking, "Hey can you do this, 'Hkhkhkhkaaaakkkxxx!!'?" The irony is that he's one of the smarted 7-year-olds I've ever met but he just comes across like some sort of psycho.
We ended the day by watching a military muster. It was complete with musket fire and canon fire. Really impressive.
After we got back to the hotel I proceeded to load the pictures to my laptop. I loaded all 250 of the pictures of the day into my picture folders. I viewed every single one and just envisioned the creations that Victoria would make from them with her scrap-booking expertise. We had a little bit of a problem loading the videos we made onto the computer. I erased the pictures from the camera and them loaded all the video separately. To absolute horror we later found out that, for some reason I don't quite understand, since I still had the camera attached to the computer when I deleted them from the camera I also deleted them from my computer. They are all gone. I was literally sick to my stomach. Yes I realize that the memories will live on. Memories are just a little harder share than pictures. It was a beautiful day in every respect and I look forward to sharing those memories with my friends and family back home.
Unfortunately, due to my mistake, there will be no pictures to accompany the memories.

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  1. I'm so sorry you lost all those pictures, that was tragic. I know how much reviewing them would be. Glad you are enjoying Williamsburg, we just love the place. Did you get to the brick yard? The kids and you would like that.