Thursday, July 12, 2007

New York City

I woke up in yet another city this morning. Currently I'm having breakfast in Niagara Falls NY. We just finished 3 days in New York City and our plans for today are to see the falls and then drive into Canada for a few hours.
New York City was one of those experiences that I could have lived without. It was nice to see several of the landmarks. We took the ferry to Ellis Island and Liberty Island. We visited the central park zoo, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and rode the elevators to the top of the Empire State Building. I really enjoyed all of those sites. I was just very claustrophobic the whole time we were there. You need a PhD to figure out how the subways work in that town, and just when you figure it out he start changing thing due to construction or weekend schedules. The streets were surprisingly dirty considering how much the last to mayors have been stumping about cleaning up the streets. Directly across from the entrance to the Empire State Building was a strip joint. I don't think it's possible to go more than 5 seconds in this town without hearing a car horn.
Yesterday was confusing getting out of town but once we did we found that 95% of this state bears absolutely no resemblance to New York City. Upstate New York is not crowded, it's green and quite a bit slower paced.
Victoria says that I'm getting rather cranky at the kids. I really am having a good time but the kids don't seem to be respecting what we're doing for them. They'll cry because I didn't buy them a $4 ice cream cone and completely forget to thank me or Victoria for the thousands of dollars that we've spent on them already.
We've had a good time so far but I'm ready to get back home and on a somewhat normal schedule.

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