Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Sometimes it doesn't take much to make me happy. Recently we had a little reorganization at the phone factory. I wasn't directly involved. I still have a job and I'm actually still going to be designing the same systems in the same area. What did change is who I report to. And my new boss wanted everybody over on the same side of the building. I sat down with him and explained that I'd been working in the same no window, florescent lighting, cube for the better half of a decade and then politely asked if I could take one of the newly vacated window seats. He agreed. Woo Hoo!!
Well last week the IT folks started upgrading all of our computers. I told them that if they timed it right they could save themselves some work. Since I was going to be relocation to the other side of the building they could just install my new machine in the new cube and then take the old one away. I also politely asked if they could "hook me up" with dual monitors.
Monday morning I showed up and walked into my usual cube only to be greeted by a pile of dust bunnies where my monitor used to sit. So I relocated the rest of my stuff to the new cube and began to make myself at home.
I really enjoy the windows and the double monitors. I'll miss the friends who I worked with side by side, but I look forward to making new friends over here and who am I kidding they're only 200' away on the same floor.
It's taken me a couple of days now to get used to the double monitors. It's very convenient not having to close all my research windows in order to see my drafting window. I just leave the research on one monitor and draw on the other. There's a little joke running around the office thanks to Dilbert. Now that I have 2 monitors they are going to require twice as much production. While I doubt I'll be able to meet that goal I definitely feel more productive.
The windows took no getting used to at all. They're due north facing so I never have direct sunlight. The birds and squirrels are a very pleasant distraction.
It's not like I got a raise or anything but having a much better digs at work will make the 40+ hours every week more pleasant.


  1. Congratulations on getting some natural light in your life! The dual monitors are cool, too!

  2. Double productivity:) Cracks me up. Enjoy the new office.

  3. My office has no window so I really know how wonderful that is. I am so happy for your new environment.