Thursday, May 29, 2008

I Like Technology

Well actually at the moment it's kind of a love hate relationship.
When it work works properly technology is wonderful. It allows me to go back and forth from work in comfort. I can take my lunch hour walks and have thousands of songs and podcasts at my fingertips. I can wash and dry my clothes with ease. My food stays cool or frozen until it's time for me to eat it. I can fire up the mower and have a nicely manicured lawn and a little exercise at will. I can send emails, surf and all that other stuff from my laptop. My car stops properly when I apply the brakes. I can microwave yesterday's dinner and have a warm meal in seconds. Etc. Etc. Etc.
Lately all of these things have taken much more effort that that. Victoria's car keep shredding fan belts. Two of the four MP3 players in the house aren't co-operating. The dryer has blown fuses so frequently that I opted to bypass it rather than to keep feeding it $30 fuses each month. I think I must be some kind of a "Typhoid Mary" for lawn mowers. I've lost count of how many we've had since we got married. My laptop died and had to be replaced a few months ago. Victoria's computer keeps restarting spontaneously for no appear ant reason. The microwave died and had to be replaced last month. I just had to replace the brakes on Victoria's car a month ago. My truck's brakes are squeaking and will likely need replacing soon. And to top it all off our three-year-old fridge decided to blow a capacitor yesterday.
Professionally, I spend all day figuring out how to get various forms of high speed data services to people. So I'd be out of a job without all this technology and every body else's addiction to it. However, there are more than a few times that I just want to get away from all the trouble and live a much simpler life.
In June I'm spending 8 days at Summer Camp with 15 Boy Scouts. There will be a lot of free time. I'm looking forward to being as low tech as possible for the whole week. Perhaps a week without all this "stuff" will give me a new respect for it. But right now I'm just a little overwhelmed by all of it.

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  1. Stephen4:11 PM

    On Victoria's Computer rebooting spontaneously. One of the things you could check if you have not already is the cooling systems. If a fan has slowed down or died completely, if it is covered with dust bunnies or if a vent got accidentially covered with a book or newspaper. Most of the systems today have an overheating protection built into them to shut the system down if it gets too hot. This keeps the processor from smoking and we all know smoking is bad for your processor's health.

    Anyway,, I found that a stiff paint brush with natural bristles and a can of compressed air(i know it is not really just air) usually takes care of the internal dust bunnies. Oh, and keep a vacuum running to collect all those dust bunnies and such so they dont get into the air, or back in the machine.

    If this doesn't work give me a call.