Thursday, May 29, 2008


Every couple of years my company polls their managers to see what other tasks they can do outside of their normal job skills. Typically this falls right around the time they start negotiating the contract for our union employees. So first think this morning I had to enter what I can do into a database. They kept referring to it as our “skills assessment”. I got a little bit of a chuckle out of the title. After I told a little bit about my previous experience as a digital technician I was seriously tempted to put down a few extras.

Bo staff skills, nun-chuck skill, shooting wolverines with a 12 gauge, etc.

I passed on actually doing it. The folks at corporate may not be Napoleon Dynamite fans. And they may actually expect me to use some of my claimed “skills”.


  1. I think the Napoleon Dynamite references might be more appropriately called 'skillz'.

  2. Reading music skills, fixing broke stuff, breaking stuff, than refixing it, cotton candy maker, compass brain, ferret handler, herder of children, dutch oven cooker, camp stove guru, s'more master...

    Love ya!