Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tuesday at camp

Well, as I expected, Victoria has already started to scrapbook pictures that she hasn't even seen and in most cases I haven't even taken. So I've been given a detailed list of subjects, camera angles, exposures and f-stops. I'll do my best to get her order filled. I'm sure she already has the pages already laid out and just needs to plug in the pictures.
The boys are getting into the routine and things are going smoothly. Most of the troop is training for the mile swim. They're all great swimmers so they'll do just fine. the catch is the staff makes them get up every morning at 6:00am to train for 45 minutes before they go to breakfast. The big plus to this is that, unlike Saturday night, they all turn in around 10:00pm and don't make too much noise at night.
We got a pleasant surprise before dinner last night. Terry Heaton showed up to spend the night with us. He made quick friends of the troop due his his pan of home-made brownies. It was good to have some parent support for a night. His work schedule would only let him come up for a few hours, but his timing was perfect. Bill had forgotten some of his alergy medication and had to run into town. Terry was able to help me maintain two-deep leadership while he was gone. And Terry and I got to reminisce about the "good old days" when he was a newlywed in the Tucker Ward and I was just a deacon. Thank you Terry.
I'm sitting here right now waiting for my clothes to finish drying at the laundry. I could go back to camp and come back later but my hat in in the dryer and the sun is pretty bright right now.
Stay tuned for further adventures...


  1. Well, I haven't made in, actual, pages, yet! I appreciate your faith in my obessive nature.

    Is Aaron doing the swimming?

    Yeah for Terry bringing the brownies. I know the boys appreciated the sugar/chocolate fix.

    I went for a 4 mile walk this morning and listened to Astronomy Cast about Mercury and Venus.

    Rachel blogged and she keeps checking for comments. I figure she will find out, like the rest of us, that there will be very few. But on the upside she likes us and maybe will be content with just ours and granny and grandpas.

    Stay cool!

  2. It is fun to talk about the good old days in the "Tucker" Ward. So many have moved on or passed on. Those were special times. I hope y'll get lots of time in the water to cool off.

  3. sounds like fun. Greg Mosher is there you should talk with him. if you see my boy give him a hug and then kick him in the pants, or send him for some blue shore line.

  4. I've been seeing GrayBubble quite a bit. He actually came up to my site and played GEE tar for a few minutes between classes. We're good on the hugs part but I'm a little behind on the kick in the pants. I'll just tell him it's from you.