Monday, June 09, 2008

Monday at camp

Well the first day and a half was a little awkward for some of the boys but now that classes have started up things are settling down a little bit. This just reinforces my opinion that more structure is better; they actually enjoy it.
The camp is much better than last year. The cabins have been rebuilt and they didn't over-book it like last year either.
Aaron is doing a great job in his role as Senior Patrol Leader. It's hard in a situation that just involves the troop to inphasize that the boys are truly in charge. Up here at camp they totally rely on the boys to handle things. I went to a Senior Patrol Leaders Meeting and I was told that I could observe but that adults were not to participate. It's really good to see it run like it's supposed to be.
One of the jobs of an SPL is to assign duties for various camp tasks. One of the tasks is waiter. YOu have to set the tables up and help get the dining hall ready. Aaron always assigns himself to help as a waiter. First, because he thinks it'll be easier to ask other folks to do it if he's shown that he's willing to "mop up after them", literally. But it's not all self sacrifice. While they're setting the table and cleaning up, the waiters get to spend 15 to 20 minutes extra in the air-conditioning while the rest are just waiting in line outside.
One of the older boys who came to camp this year is very close to his Eagle. He just needs to finish a few merit badges and then a project. I could easily see him finishing by next summer. Walking home from the campfire last night, another leader and I gave him a lot of ideas. It turns out he hasn't had any real support from his official Varsity Team leaders. He didn't have even a basic idea of what the Eagle project was about. I made sure that this young man knew that I would always be willing to assist him towards his Eagle. He's going to be coming up to our campsite for one of his class hours just to discuss and plan his project and the write up. He's a good kid and I really enjoy helping him through the process.
When everything is flowing properly, I have a fair amount of free time. I've been catching up on my reading and practicing my guitar. In spite of the extra stress of having responsibility over 13 boys, most of my day has been rather relaxing.
I miss my wife and the three of my kids that didn't come up with me. She's holding down the fort pretty well while I keep track of these guys.
I'll blog again when I get a chance. Here are a few pictures of the guys.


  1. I love the photos you posted. How wise to choose to be the waiter. Granny Sue would be proud that he wanted to stay in the air conditioning! ;) If you get a chance get a photo of Aaron at each of his classes and do his SPL duty roster. I MUST scrapbook it all, you know! Give Graybubble a squeeze for me, or have Aaron deliver one. I love you both!

  2. Looks like things are going well! I like Aarons summer haircut - smart move in the hot weather.
    I have a copy of the "Life to Eagle" book available here if you need it for that scout; Just ask and I will deliver it.
    Glad that the boys are taking their jobs seriously, that's how real leadership works...

  3. Great Photos! Aaron is such a handsome lad and I love his haircut. It looks like everyone is getting into the spirit of the events. It is great that you can mentor the young man working on his Eagle plans.

  4. Beach boy10:46 AM

    Michael, great post! Thanks for all you do, I know the boys appreciate you.