Thursday, January 03, 2008

The Lesser of Two Evils

Several months ago I took a few online surveys that ask questions about the current political issues and then match you up with all of the announced candidates. I was more than a little distraught because the two candidates that matched my opinions best only agreed with 35% of my opinions on the issues. One was running as a Republican and the other as a Democrat. Neither is even mentioned much at all in the current news coverage because their poll numbers have both of them in the low single digits in their respective parties. Of the top five contenders in either party only a few matched more than 20% of my opinions.
So I'm not exactly holding my breath to hear the results of the Iowa Caucus tonight. After tonight and New Hampshire my top contenders will be even more remote long shots, if they are still in the race at all come my vote in February. Once again It appears that by the time the general election comes I won't be voting "for" anybody. I'd be voting against the one who scares me the most. I really don't like voting this way.

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