Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

Historically I tend to make goals and resolutions that are far too ambitious. I typically justify these goals by claiming that if I accomplish all of my goals then I wasn't trying hard enough. Although I definitely see a lot of truth in this, I also see the value in setting goals that are attainable. I also think that in the past my goals have only been wishes since I didn't make them public. So here goes.

New Years Resolutions for 2008.

Continue my education. It will be up to my family and I to decide what that specifically means. By mid-February we will make a decision as to whether my “education” implies going back to school and if so getting accepted to local university. If not, I will continue to read and develop myself independently.

Walk at least four miles three times a week and ride my bike at least once a week. I’ve set a goal to climb a specific alpine route in Utah with a friend. In order to accomplish this I need to get in much better cardiovascular health.

Shut up and listen. In the past year I’ve noticed that far too many of my social problems arise from the fact that I just don’t listen very well.

Shut up and listen also applies here, but in addition to that it has been pointed out to me that when I do speak I need to lower my voice. Perhaps I just need to not say anything at all.
Go camping at least quarterly as a family.

In addition to my regular reading lists I will read from cover to cover all of the LDS standard works of scripture.

I have identified several systems and programs at work were my proficiency is not where it should be. Whether taking independent training courses or asking coworkers for assistance I will become self-reliant in these programs.
Take advantage of all available training programs at work.

I will earn my Duty to God award as an adult scout leader.
I will attend Woodbadge training in the spring and begin working my ticket.

Work on the house as finances permit. Finish the kitchen, the steps and flooring upstairs, and rebuild the front porch and the back deck.

I will do my best to post something to my blog everyday and these posts will be related to these goals.

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