Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Polygamy follow up

Just a quick follow up on my polygamy rant from a few days ago.
Warren Jeffs was found just guilty on two counts of being an accomplice to rape. In the cnn.com article there were a couple sentences which directly support several of the claims that I had made about polygamy.

"Jeffs also faces multiple counts in Arizona of being an accomplice to incest and sex with minors.

He has drawn attention to the polygamous FLDS by allegedly excommunicating male followers and reassigning wives and children, arranging marriages to girls as young as 13, and reducing competition for brides by exiling male teens and young men."

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  1. Granny Sue4:29 PM

    I have read several of your blogs and will just condense all my responses in one - Aaron is a wonderful young man who has learned from you and Victoria about how to treat other people. He has a good and kind heart.

    Regarding polygamy, I completely agree with your earlier blog that it brought only unhappiness to some the children of these marriages and I can't believe it was ever really sanctioned by Heavenly Father. If so, I must be missing something. The practice simply is wrong.
    Autism and Dr. Chris,I have printed an article for you about Dr. Andrew Wakefield in the UK. He is the doctor who started all this by suggesting that MMR vaccine causes autism and it is his research that says irritable bowel syndrome or bowel disease plays a part in causing autism. He is presently facing charges of Misconduct in the UK over these allegations. More research needs to be done before such statements can be taken seriously. These ideas are causing division within the autism community.