Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Just for the record, I don't believe that coincidences have any cosmic significance. Just because I happen to look at a clock the instance it turns 12:34 only means that it's 34 minutes past 12 and nothing more. The fact that the lottery numbers in New York were 9-1-1 on September 11, 2001 also means nothing. These types of coincidences are going to happen every now and then. There is nothing weird at all about the occasional "alignment of the planets" so to speak. It would actually more statistically improbably that there were no such coincidences.

I had an interesting coincidence like these noted above happen to me while I was driving home last night. I had been in Snellville for a Scout leader training class. At around 9:30pm as I drove roughly southwest down Hwy-78 I kept looking at a crescent moon low in the sky with a bright Jupiter about 3 degrees above it. The radio was tuned to NPR and was playing a very familiar piece of classical music. I recognized it as Beethoven but couldn't remember the score. I patiently listened to the end in hopes that the announcer would tell me what the tune was. The tune came to an end just as I was turning right onto a road called Lake Lucerne. Just then the host announced that the sonata was " Beethoven’s piano concerto#14 but most of you may be more familiar with the name that was given to it by a Berlin critic years after Beethoven died, 'Moonlight Sonata', because it reminded him of the moonlight reflecting off of Lake Lucerne." At the instant she said those words I looked to my left and was able to see the moonlight reflected in Lake Lucerne.

Just thought this was a cool coincidence and wanted to share it.

Of course a lot of the mystique of this story would be gone if this little lake in Georgia still went by its original name, "Possum Lake".

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