Wednesday, August 29, 2007


There is book on my bookshelf that used to own to my father. It's called the Encyclopedia of Ignorance. I'm sure that it is a little dated but this book is a collection of all of the things that scientists don't yet have an explanation. I remember finding it odd when I first scanned through this book that scientists would so readily accept hat they don't have all of the answers.
My current "reading" list includes a podcast of an NPR program called "Electrons to Enlightenment" it is a 5 hour program that examines the relationship and the conflict of science and religion. The program interviews many of the same authors that I have read in the past year, Richard Dawkins, Michael Behe, and Francis Collins and quotes many others like Carl Sagan and Steven J. Gould.
I one interview a scientist, Daniel Matt author of God and the Big Bang, noted that he had observed much more humility from scientists than he ever had from religious people. Scientists seem to be much more willing to admit their ignorance, whereas religious people claim to have all the answers.
I couldn't agree more. Granted there are many exception, however I find the whole "we have all the answers" attitude of most theologies to be very arrogant and lacking any humility at all. In many way I find that it lacks the awe and reverence that it is attempting to inspire. This reminds me of the bumper sticker, "Follow those who are looking for answers. Doubt those who claim they already have them."

The podcasts I mentioned can be found here:
Electrons to Enlightenment
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Episode 3
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