Saturday, August 04, 2007

Climbing Rocks and Jesus Rocks

Rachel and I headed over to Boat Rock this morning. She's been talking about walking and doing her best to stay in shape and lately she's really enjoyed it when we've gone climbing. Boat Rock isn't very forgiving with tennis shoes so we ran by REI and bought her a pair of adjustable kids climbing shoes and a small chalk bag in her favorite color blue. We climbed for just a little over an hour. We went to the Easy Crack area and played on the cracks and the slabs there. She couldn't quite get the hang of crack climbing, but she loved the slabs. Like most girls she has much better balance than strength and at Boat Rock balance is crucial.

We had to head back a little early because Noah had an eye doctor's appointment. Turns out his eyes are pretty good. he has a slight astigmatism but nothing serious. The doctor noticed that Victoria was having problems with her eye so she made her sit down in the chair. Turns out that she has a scratched cornea. She's wearing a protective contact over the scratch and she is taking eye drops to avoid infection.

After we got everybody's eyes checked out we headed to downtown Tucker for a little bit of live entertainment. A friend of mine plays bass guitar for, what I affectionately refer to as, a "Jesus Rock" band. The concert was an outreach for three local Methodist churches in the area. When I asked if they'd mind if a Mormon came to crash their party Dave just said, "We're Methodists. It's all good." The kids were too glued to the TV to come so Victoria and I were going to head out together and Sue said it sounded like fun. So I invited her and we all had a good time. Had to cut out after Dave's band 'cuz Victoria had to run to a wedding reception but it was really fun.

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