Sunday, August 12, 2007

Heat Wave

The Southeast is going through a nasty heat wave lately. For weeks I've been leaving the house and it has already been in the mid-80s at 5:30am. It's been really hard to get excited about doing anything outside. We went to my brother's pool yesterday and the pool was even at 92 degrees. It was still very refreshing but I was surprised at how warm it was.
During the winter it seemed like every time the temperature dropped a few degrees below the average friends and family members who think that global warming is a myth would make it a point to ask me if I still believe in "the liberal myth of Global Warming". I would try to explain to them that a few cold days doesn't disprove global warming any more than a few super-models disproves the fact that Americans are getting more obese. You can not look at a just a few individuals in a sampling and ignore the larger trend.
My "It ain't getting warmer" believing friends have been very silent on this subject lately. It would be just as flawed for me to point the the current heat wave as proof as it would be for them to point the the cold days as disproof. However, I've enjoyed the fact that they don't seem to understand this fallacy and have remained silent. Well perhaps in a five or six months when they bring it up again I'll just refer them to this post.

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