Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hockey Night

“Yeah I know how to play hockey. Everybody gets a stick and they have to hit this thing the net that looks like a checker only it’s bigger.”

“Look at that big building. Is that a skyscraper?”

“How do they make buildings that tall?”

“That building looks like a castle.”

“Look! There’s Jesus.”

“Why do we have to pay to park?”

“He’s playing that harmonica so people will put money in his bucket.”

“Are those girls with the shovels cheerleaders?”

“They look like they might be cold.”

“Where did you and Rachel sit last time you came?”

“That guy has funny hair.”

“Try to catch the parachute.”

“That big truck makes the ice all nice and smooth again and those girls pick up all the snow.”

“Why does that bird shoot flames out of its mouth?”

“But, Real thrashers don’t do that.”

“How come the bird doesn’t shoot flames when the other team scores?”

“That doesn’t seem fair.”

“Why do people drink beer?”

“How come we lost?”

“Why isn’t the drive thru open?”

“Yeah, I’m still awake. I was just resting.”

Just a few random comments from my daughter during our date. Our dentist is also the Thrasher’s team dentist. Last week Rachel had an appointment and he was not going to be able to use his choice seats to the game so he gave them to us. Rachel went with me last time so I took Eve. It was nice to have her all alone so she didn’t have to compete for attention from her parents. We had a great time. Thanks for the tickets, Brett.

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  1. Jim and I just love your blog with great photos and a wonderful narrative of a fab evening with Eve.