Monday, February 25, 2008


Help me out a little bit here. The President is urging the Congress to pass a version of a bill that will retroactively make telecommunications companies immune from prosecution for assisting the government with wiretaps on us citizens. Today he asserted that their past cooperation was legal and at the direction of the government. So here is my question. Why do telecommunication companies need immunity from prosecution if they did nothing wrong? Isn't this like calling for a bill to make people immune from prosecution for driving the speed limit? It seems to me that the only logic in making these companies beyond prosecution is so that they are protected no matter what the government tells them to do, legal or illegal. Personally, I think that our government already has or has plans in the works to use the telecommunications companies in direct defiance of our fourth amendment rights.


  1. That explains the clicking and static on the lines. I knew it!

    Me thinks this is a wee bit scary!

  2. And regarding the large pizza with extra cheese you ordered last night. Big Brother would like to thank you for you support of the Dairy lobby.


    Is that what the hum on my line is?



  3. Anonymous11:53 AM

    Once the world considers you a war crimnal any requests to violate more laws should simply be added to your docket as more attempts to break the law. Put this slob in jail where he belongs, or better yet turn him over to the international courts and be done with him, and the party he came from for that matter.