Thursday, August 05, 2010

Political Calls

Me: Hi.
Caller: Mr. Taylor?
Me: This is Michael
Caller: Mr. Taylor?
Me: How can I help you?
Caller: I’m calling on behalf of the Linda Carsten for Congress campaign. Are you aware that Carsten’s opponent , B. J Pak opposes the Arizona immigration law that…
Me: Well good for him.
Caller: Excuse me?
Me: I said “good for him”. I too disagree with the Arizona law.
Caller: Can we count on your vote for Linda Carsten in November?
Me: Well I just stated that I disagree with her position on immigration. What else do you have to persuade me?
Caller: Thank you for your time.

I guess since I frequently vote in the Republican primaries that these callers just assume that I’m going to be an easy audience when they call. I really was serious when I wanted him to tell me what else the candidate he represented had to offer.


  1. One of your neighbors here, and in the same position. I'm actually liberal, but have voted in the Republican primaries just to have some minor influence in local elections. This year I voted in the Democratic primary, mostly out of irritation at the Republicans trying to outdo one another on how conservative they are. But we're on the Republican lists, so the calls just keep coming in.

  2. Took me quite a while to get off the call lists, simply because I converted my home phone to a cell phone.

    Will have to think of your approach the next time Linda McMahon calls asking for my vote.