Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Left at the Red Light

If you’ve ever asked for directions in Georgia it is very likely that you have been told at least once to “turn left at the red light”. I used to respond by saying something to the effect of, “How about I stop and wait until it turns green and then turn left?” This usually is met with a puzzled look on their face, as if they don’t even realize that they had encouraged me to break the law and potentially risk my life. You see in the south when you ask for directions the term “red light” actually means the next intersection with a traffic signal no matter what color it happens to be showing when you get there. I’ve learned to just enjoy this little colloquialism. I don’t bring it up to criticize well-meaning people who are just trying to help out, but I do get a little chuckle when I hear it.
Yesterday a friend showed me this story. This lady took the advice of Google Maps at the expense of her own common sense. She got hurt. And now she thinks it’s Google’s fault? I’d be willing to bet that this same person would “turn left at the red light” and then insist that it was the well-meaning guy at the Citgo’s fault for using a southern colloquialism that got her hurt.
It really amazes me how frequently people completely turn off thier brain and then think it's somebody else's fault.


  1. I do that all the time. How funny. I have such a hard time if people don't tell me turn in accordance with landmarks. I usually have no idea about street names. I just try to remember all of the turns. I'm so glad I'm married to "OnStar" Taylor the Human Homing Pigeon! ;)

  2. I heard about that lady suing Google for being an idiot.


    The one thing I've always hated when people asked me for directions, was that they would never let me finish. They go, "Okay fine, thanks." and completely ignore a few key components at the end.