Thursday, March 18, 2010

Manly Sweaty Doll Blogger Award.

I typically don't pass along these silly memes on my blog but what the heck.

I have been challenged to answer at least four of the following questions: Tell a couple of things about yourself, the name of your favorite guy book, your favorite sports moment, favorite MANLY MAN movie, favorite manly music, and your Favorite Food with No Nutritional Value.

1. I once swapped drivers in a moving car by going across the windshield Dukes Hazard style. Of course it was in a VW Rabbit and we weren't going all that fast.
2. I had a the coolest job a High School kid could have in 1983. I built and tested arcade games.
3. Favorite Guy Book: Touching the Void by Joe Simpson, the most griping armchair mountaineering book every written. This book will either inspire you to climb big mountains or scare you to a life of sitting behind a remote control with little grey in between.
4. Favorite Sports Moment: Sid Bream outrunning Barry Bond's throw and just sliding in under the catch of Mike LaValliere to win the 1992 NLCS for the Braves.
5. Favorite Manly Movie: The Hunt For Red October, no explanation needed.
6. Favorite Manly Music: Lately I've been really digging Apocolyptica
7. Favorite Food with No Nutritional Value: That chocolate raspberry stuff at Brusters.

I'm not gonna tag anybody specifically but If you feel like participating knock yourself out.


  1. 1. Ahh!
    2. Oh, man, serious awesome geek crd.
    3. saw the film. scared me!
    4. ?
    5. good one! Connery is so good we'll believe that same accent is Russian, Spanish, anything at all...
    6. I'll have to check them out. Been enjoying Marah lately.
    7. mmmm...brusters...

    Thanks for playing!

  2. I love me some submarine movies! Btw, can anyone loan me a copy of Das Boots?

    I agree with Jim,...mmmm...brusters...