Thursday, February 25, 2010

This Post is So EPIC!!

I'm really getting tired of the word "epic". But only because I rarely hear it used correctly. My kids seem to think it's a synonym for “very” or “really” or just “neato”. Twenty years ago everything was “awesome”. And before that I guess it was ‘cool”. I guess I’m from the “cool” generation, which seems to have come after the “hip” generation.

Hollywood used to call movies that told the life of a historical figure an epic. Lord of the Rings is an epic.
But the kids were really excited that Victoria had bought Reese's Puffs cereal. I'm sorry but there's nothing epic about that.
In 1995 I went on a climbing trip to Yosemite. My partner had exaggerated his abilities and lied to me about having climbed the route we were planning on climbing before. We had to back off of a dangerous climb because he couldn't do a relatively simple technique. I ended up getting a massive sunburn after standing the whole day on the same little ledge 2000' up the rock. Then the next day we had to get rescued off another route because we made a mistake while trying to get back down off a climb. Somebody was at the base of the rock stealing our packs and we got in too much of a hurry. Then on the way home I blew the engine on my car in the middle of the Nevada desert and had to hitch-hike to the nearest city and then get a ride home to Salt Lake in a tow truck. Now that was epic.
As good as Reese’s Puffs cereal is, "epic" just isn’t the right choice of words.


  1. I am snickering and giggling reading this, except for the part where you talk about the colossal climbing trip of angst.

  2. "Huge" is getting old too, especially in sports. And "game-changer" for just about anything. And "____-killer" as in "the iPad will be a Kindle killer." Why does everything have to be a game-changer or a "-killer" or, like you said, "epic." Hope it gets old fast and we just stick with cool.

  3. I personally like "awesome" and use frequently. Your climbing story was definitly epic but I have to agree - Cereal is rarely epic - well, Noah would say Grits are EPIC and I would have to agree with him but then...... I love my Grits. Tee Hee