Thursday, September 10, 2009

Current Reading List

I had a friend tell me that he gets his reading list from books that I've read so I've decided to post my reading list again just for giggles.

Junk science : how politicians, corporations, and other hucksters betray us
by Agin, D. P.

I've always been intrigued by how science gets abused and distorted by those who should have the public trust.

Spook : science tackles the afterlife
by Roach, Mary

I heard a podcast interview with Roach discussing her new book about sex. When I went to the library to check it out I found this which seemed even more interesting.

The secret life of dust : from the cosmos to the kitchen counter, the big consequences of little things
by Holmes, Hannah

Victoria has already told me so much about this book I feel I need to get the rest of the picture.

Jesus, interrupted : revealing the hidden contradictions in the Bible (and why we don't know about them)
by Ehrman, Bart D.

I've really enjoyed Ehrman's books with only one exception. I really enjoy the way he puts you in the position of the original author and makes you look at what the scripture actually says in the correct context.

The luck factor : changing your luck, changing your life: the four essential principles
by Wiseman, Richard.

Not what you may think. This isn't a hocus pocus self-help book.

Plan B 2.0 : rescuing a planet under stress and a civilization in trouble
by Brown, Lester Russell

I saw that my boss was reading Plan B 3.0 and it looked interesting so I'm reading the series.

Eco-economy : building an economy for the Earth
by Brown, Lester Russell

The age of American unreason
by Jacoby, Susan

I moved this down the list a little just because it seemed rather similar to American Idiot and I didn't want the two to blend in together in my head.

Guitar all-in-one for dummies
by Chappell, Jon

I think this was the only guitar book or DVD at the library that I hadn't yet checked out.

Freethinkers : a history of American secularism
by Jacoby, Susan

Just another topic that fascinates me.

It's not news, it's fark : how mass media tries to pass off crap as news
by Curtis, Drew

Marcus recommended this to me when I went on a facebook rant about how lame the media has become.

The Lost Symbol
by Brown, Dan

I've read a bunch about the masons in the last few years so it'll be fun to see how Brown twists the facts to tell his story like he has on so many other topics.

Ender in Exile
by Card, Orson Scott

This is loaded on my iPhone and I listen while I walk on my lunch hours.

The wilderness warrior : Theodore Roosevelt and the crusade for America
by Brinkley, Douglas

John Stewart gave a great interview with Brinkley on The Daily Show.

I'm accepting suggestions for my next reads, but for now I've committed not to check out anything else until I finish all of these.


  1. You wrote:"really enjoy the way he puts you in the position of the original author and makes you look at what the scripture actually says in the correct context."

    The question is what the historical person Ribi Yehoshua told in the original Matthew.

    A logical analysis of the first centuries Jewish and Hellenistic documents and archaeology shows what the first century historical man Ribi Yehoshua (the Messiah) from Nazareth taught and how to follow him.

    Learn more here:

  2. That list is long enough--I won't suggest more! I'm curious of your views on Jacob. I've got both of hers on my to be read pile, but have heard more good things about Freethinkers than Unreason, so will probably tackle that first. AFTER I graduate in the spring...

  3. Please feel free to give me other suggestions. I stile haven't finished either Jacoby book. They're a bit intimidating they're so thick.