Sunday, January 18, 2009

Bringing the Dream Home

So the kids are all excited about having Martin Luther King's birthday off tomorrow. Eve was bouncing around the house and wanted to get some brown frosting so we could make cookies that look like Dr. King. I was a little concerned that she was more excited about having the day off from school and the prospect of cookies than she was Dr. King's accomplishments. So I asked her, "Eve, do you remember what Dr. King did for us." She didn't hesitate to answer and her response really brought it down to earth and convinced me that she really understood his accomplishments, "He changed the laws and made it so Selena and I could sit together."

Thank you Dr. King for making this picture and thousands more like it possible.


  1. just for the record, This phot is not of Selena but one of Eve's other friends at school. I like this picture because the only color they both seem to be concerned aboput is blue.

  2. I think those blue popsicles look quite tasty.