Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Busy busy busy cont..

It's been another very busy week. Friday after work I grabbed the scouts and headed off for a weekend canoe trip. We just camped locally at troop 129's scout hut in Tucker. It was nice to just go somewhere really close and not have to drive for two hours and then set up camp in the dark. I practiced my guitar while the guys all played capture the flag.
Saturday morning We broke camp and headed for the 'Hooch, AKA the Chattahoochee River that runs through Atlanta. After a little bit of car shuffling to make sure we had a way back home we put in at Johnson Ferry Landing. For the first mile or so the river was pretty much flat-water. I think it bored some of the guys but I think they needed the flat-water time to practice for what was coming up.
After we crossed under I-285 the river got a little bumpier. I was probably not even class 2 rapids but with the complete novices I had it turned out to be more than a little adventuresome. Just about everybody capsized, including me. Another boat broadsided us during a rapid and pushed our gunwale underwater. Everybody made it back just fine and had some great stories to tell of the trip.
I was very disappointed in how dirty the river has gotten since the last time I canoed it. It wasn't so much the garbage and junk, that's actually improved lately, but the goose droppings just everywhere. It was disgusting. I'll spare you the gory details. Suffice it to say there was goose crap everywhere. I wonder if this is what the DNR envisioned when they thought it would be a good idea to introduce a non-native species to Georgia.

Sunday I got a little surprise from our High Council representative that was quickly followed by a talk with the Bishopric. I can't reveal any specifics just yet but there are gonna be a few changes in the next week or so.
After church I had to run down to the Varsity for our last patrol meeting before the weekends Woodbadge course. I was already a little behind in what I had to do to prepare and not with the news of what the Bishopric told me I had to spend the rest of the day on Sunday re-writing my ticket. We spent the rest of the day Sunday just hanging out at Jim and Sue's watching the Olympics.

Monday wasn't too bad at work. I got quite a bit accomplished and the phone didn't seem to ring too much. After work Victoria and I had to run to a PTA/curriculum night at the elementary school.

It's my lunch hour now on Tuesday and I'm just going over the list of stuff that I have to finish before I leave on Friday morning and I'm a little bit overwhelmed. In addition to still having a scout activity tonight and Wednesday night I have to prepare a display on the Heimlich Maneuver, pack my pack, purchase all the food for my patrol and finish preparing my sermon for the interfaith service next Sunday. I know I'll make it somehow but I'm really looking forward to a nice long nap. I think I'll pencil it in for Sunday the 31st. That's probably the next time I can slot it in.


  1. I love you! A nap...none of that silly talk!
    There were a gaggle o' geese at the park pond today and the poo was so gross. I'm glad you survived the hooch trip.

  2. Your dad managed to use woodbadge to "clear his mind". I am not sure how that worked for him, but I know that you will do just fine with the requirements of the course.
    It is a blessing that we have the time and fortitude to complete a course like woodbadge and bring it to the people in our life that most need it.
    Keep up the good work, you are a real inspiration to many people...