Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Cure for Autism

Halleluiah!! The cure for Autism is here! Apparently all we need to do is yell at them more and tell them to stop acting like an “idiot”, a “moron” and a “putz”. At least that's the instructions being handed out by talk show host Michael Savage.
As if I needed another reason to continue my boycott of talk radio…


  1. ARGH! He is so annoying! His ratings must be tanking, so he jumped on the Autism bandwagon to fire up enough people to call his pathetic excuse for a show. I'm sure folks will call and give him the time of day, which should make him pleased as punch.

  2. I agree with Victoria. He did it for "ratings". I am thankful that doctors are diagnosing it earlier. Thanks to early testing, we had a cause for the "unique" behavior- thanks to our doctor. It is definitely going to be challenging for him BUT my child is and will never be ANY OF THOSE WORDS he used. What a jerk!