Tuesday, March 11, 2008


In The Year of Living Biblically A J Jacobs tells a story about how he used to keep of list stored in his Palm pilot of all the times that he was right and somebody else was wrong. The list was rather petty and the only reason he kept it was so that he could refer back to it the next time he got something wrong. "Oh yeah, well remember that time you thought it was so-and-so in that movie and it was actually whats-his-face...?" To his credit part of Jacob's spiritual journey included confessing that this list existed and deleting it. "And I the Lord will remember their sins no more."
Jacob's admits that the only reason he kept the list is because his memory is so bad and he wanted to remember these petty little details. He admits that the whole concept is just sad and has put it behind him and learning to forgive.
I have an idea along this line that I'm going to put into practice. I'm also going to start a little list on my Blackberry of little details that I'd like to remember. But in contrast to Jacob's list, my list will be of endearing details about my friends and family. There are several things that I'd like to remember but I just forget. More than just birthdays and anniversaries, I'd like to remember things that will brighten people's day.

Here's the start of my list:
(I've blanked out the names so as not to violate anyone's privacy.
-______ is collecting all of the 50 state quarters.
-_____ would like to take a Cake Art class.
-Given the chance to do anything in the world ______ would probably take the time to do something for somebody else.
-_____'s birthday is the same as Eve's and he climbs Stone Mountain every year on that day.
-_____ wants to be a marine biologist.
-_____ donates platelets but doesn't like to be recognized for doing it.
-_____, _____, _____, _____, and _____ are all on the mend from ordeals with cancer and all are handling it much better than I would.
-_____ recently had her mother move in with her due to early stages of Alzheimer's.
-_____ is going through a nasty divorce and still holding up pretty good.
-______ is one of the more spiritual people I know, but he's so humble about it he doesn't like me to point it out.
-Every time I recommend a book to ______ he has already read it. Next time I should ask him what he's reading.
-Next time ____ is talking just sit back and listen. Don't change the subject, just listen. She's very profound for a 5 year-old.

I look forward to adding more and hope to never completing this list.

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