Wednesday, October 03, 2007

More Situational Evil

As I listen to current events regarding the Blackwater Security investigation, I can’t help but see the parallels between this and the events that Dr. Zimbardo describes in the The Lucifer Effect. Having a large security force that is given such broad power and is under such limited oversight surely falls into the category of situational evil. The fact that they are private contractors and therefore more difficult to detain and prosecute just makes the situation more volatile. From what I’ve been reading the average Blackwater security employee in Iraq is making four times what the average US military employee is making. With this in mind it begs the question, “Are they four times more effective?” I doubt it. I just think that they are a deliberate level of separation and a way to insulate those in charge of the war from direct criticism for the atrocities. I believe that those in command knew exactly what they would get if they hired private security and that they are even more responsible for creating this situation that the employees are who simply react as expected when placed in the situation. Even if those in charge didn’t foresee this problem they should have. So, either way the real fault lays a few levels higher than Blackwater Securities.

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