Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Blog improvements

For the first blog of 2007 several bloggers were taking the first line of each of their post throughout the year and combining them into one long, nonsense post. I did this as a response to another blog. You can read it here.

Even though it was just meant to be a nonsense post, I found it to be rather revealing. First of all I realized that I start far too many blogs in the same format. Perhaps I need to vary my style a little bit more than I have in the past.

I also noticed that about half of my posts were book reviews. This caused me to stop posting reviews for a few weeks. Did I intend for this to just become a book review site? Were books the only source of philosophical inspiration that I was receiving? In reaction to my little nonsense blog I almost decided to stop posting book reviews altogether. Far too much of what I understand and causes me to feel alive comes from books. It would be insincere for me to stop posting reviews altogether. I will however, make a conscious effort to chronicle the other events in my life that give me cause to reflect and possibly wax philosophic. See my post on Astronomy as one such effort. My family is one source that I draw constant inspiration from that I have not been giving fair coverage in my blogs. I will strive to make the reader understand just how important my family is to me and I apologize to them for this oversight.

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