Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Non-trivial Pursuit

Two co-workers were talking about a game of trival pursuit that they had played over the weekend. Although I enjoy trival games, I've always felt that there was something flawed in them. They were just triva. There was never anything important learned after playing a game of trival pursuit because, by defenition, the questions were trivial. Why not have a game called Non-Trivial Pursuit. My co-workers suggested that I start posting these questions out side my cube to encourage others to expand there knowledge not just in trivial areas but in areas that can really make a difference in their lives. To fit the existing play board I'll have to create 6 different categories like politics, health, safety, basic technology, community living, and economics.

Here are a few to get the ball rolling:

1. Who is your county commisioner and do you know his email address?
2. How many calories are burned in one hour of fast walking? How many calories are in one pound of fat? combine these two- How long do you have to fast walk to loose one pound?
3. If you're making a right turn and you have a green light and a yeild sign, does the yield sign still apply or does the green light trump the sign?
4. If your check engine light comes on what's the first thing that you should check before calling the dealer?
5. What are the phone numbers of four neighbors within 100 yards of your house?
6. If you live ten miles from Wal-Mart and they are having a $1 off sale on an item that you typically buy at a closer store, how many of the item whould you have to buy to make the trip profitable if gas is $2.09 per gallon and your care gets 20 mpg.

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