Thursday, May 25, 2006

Welcome to my new blog.

First of all I would like to thank my wife for encouraging me to start this blog. She recently has started her own blog and has really enjoyed posting to it.
At the start of every year I typicaly make it a goal to write in a journal. This usually lasts just a few weeks and then I loose interest. Perhaps this format will make it easier for me to stay on task.
The title of my blog is a tribute to my father, Roger Taylor, who died four years ago. Rog would always offer his friends and family members "free philosophical discussions". We frequently received these in place of birthday presents or other gifts. At times I thought they were kinda corney but I have since learned to cherish those discussion much more than I ever would have enjoyed anything else he could have given me. It is my hope to be able to continue Rog's work and help inspire others to question the deeper meanings and questions of life.
The subtitle of the blog is partially plagiarized from Gandhi's autobiography. I like the concept of searching for and experimenting with truth.

I should warn you that if I ever decided to seek treatment I'm sure I could get a perscription to treat my Adult Attention Deficit Disorder. Keep this in mind as you browse my site. Some of my posting will be rather serious and intense while others may be just downright silly.

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